Sunday, July 4, 2010

I'm Back!

I'm back here, because Estrella's and my sex lives have gotten much more interesting of late than they have been for the past couple years. So, while I'm sure nobody reads this anymore, I'm still gonna write here.

A few weeks ago Estrella shagged a dude from work a couple times. There was some tumultuous emotional fallout from a number of things coinciding. Not about the shagging itself, but some other stuff that her other relationship brought to the forefront. It sucked, but we got through it and are better than ever.

Now, we're separated... in distant locales... for the next two months. I'm horny as all hell, and it's only day 5.

But, I do have several possibilities coming my way for my own extramarial fun. I'll tell you all about these as they come along.

My plan of trawling the local gay bar didn't pay off. It wasn't open.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Game: The Failure

I put my penis in Estrella's vagina today. She told me not to, chastising me about the rules. But, I think she really wanted it.

She was awful tight.

The Game: Day 4

Day 4 was an easy day, since by the time we got around to playing, we were both pretty tired.

So, Estrella lounged back and I ate her out.

And then, after she'd come once or twice, I fucked her tits and left her a pearl medallion--it didn't quite spread enough to be a necklace.

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Game: Day 3

Oscar came up behind my chair as I sat at the computer, and I leaned into his chest, pulling him closer. As he began to kiss my neck, I knew that Day 3 of the game was about to begin. Then he asked me, "So, do you want to fuck my knee?"

I assented, and began to strip as Oscar fetched his newest homemade sex toy. We have several dildos in the house, all of them silicone due to Oscar's latex allergy. One is a feeldoe, mentioned in the past on this blog, one a simple vibrator from my wonton high school days, and the final two used to be one much like the double ended feeldoe, called a Nexxus. The Nexxus proved unable to stay put and quite bulky in the middle, and since it was just two small silicone dildos fused together at the ends, I cut them apart and thus formed the Nexxi. One is a fairly standard straight smooth cock. The other is curved in such a manner that it resembles a semi-circle. It was the latter that had a key role in both our plans for the day's orgasms.

Oscar had carved a slit in the base of the curved dildo and passed a bit of nylon strap through it to create a rudimentary harness he could use on his thigh (or, come to think of it, many other places....). We've always joked about how much I enjoy grinding my cunt on his leg during foreplay and we considered buying a pre-made leg harness, but we just hadn't gotten around to adding it to our large sex toy collection.

I stretched out on my back and Oscar came to me wearing his kilt with two erections pressing against the pleats. He began kissing me while grinding his real cock into my clit. I freed both cocks from the tangles of the kilt and began guiding Oscar's leg-cock into my pussy. I was already a bit worked up at this point, so the tip met with my wet slit and slid in slowly. Oscar then ground his thigh in between my legs as hard as he dared, bringing me to climax within a matter of minutes. I told him I was done with him, and he withdrew his cunt-juice covered dildo leg-cock from my pussy. He then threw in a few licks because he always seems to need a taste of my cunt.

I figured he would be delighted if I returned the favor, so I asked him if I could fuck his ass. He consented, though he wanted a cigarette first. While we were outside, I described my plan to bring him to orgasm without using my pussy.

I loved it when he rode my cock before (while I was wearing my harness) but I figured he would have to be facing me so that I could jerk him off. The same dildo we had used on his leg would now become my cock. It was good for the job because it had the proper tilt so it would bang on his prostate. Once we were ready to begin, Oscar asked me to begin by fucking him from behind in order to loosen up his tight little asshole. Using the curved dildo made this slightly more awkward than usual, compared with the straight feeldoe I'm used to wielding, but after I moved one of my legs up level with Oscar's shoulders, I was able to penetrate his ass with my cock. It only lasted a few strokes before a slight adjustment caused it to fall out, but by then, Oscar was ready to ride me.

I laid back on the couch with my cock standing upright, ready for Oscar's ass. It was awkward getting him on top of me and getting my dildo inside him, but after a few tries, we figured out a solution. Using some rope we had lying around, Oscar straddled me and balanced himself using a loop of rope strung through the slats on the back of the couch. It was quite a gymnastic feat. Oscar began grinding his ass on my cock, and I lubed up my hand and started to stroke his erection. I tightened my grip on Oscar's cock, jacking him off as he rode me. He spurted hot cum all over my stomach and hand, and thus ended Day 3.

Game Postponed

The Game has been postponed for at least one night due to Estrella suffering sunburn.

She is, however, excited about the thigh-mounted dildo that I've prepared for her. She says she can't wait to ride my leg.

We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Game: Day 2

While we were wrestling and kissing on the day bed, Estrella noticed my stiffened cock.

"Oh my, what's that?" she asked, reaching back to adjust the pillows against which she was lying.

I unzipped my fly in response. My cock popped happily into the open, the head purple and the foreskin curled back.

"I always love how it looks sticking up through your pants like that. You know, if this weren't No Vag-Pen Week, I'd hop on that right now."

"It's really a shame," I said, now rubbing my cock slowly.

"I'll just have to fuck myself."

She moved to the couch, shedding her robe in the process. She lay back and spread her legs wide. I watched her rub her clit, sliding both hands up into her crotch. I think that she pulls down on her labia with one, while rubbing with the other.

I moved over and straddled her leg, my balls resting on her knee. I stroked my cock more quickly.

"I bet you can't wait for the warm drops, can you?" I teased her.

"Your balls on my leg reminded me of how they slap into my clit when you're fucking me from behind," she said. A total non-sequitor.

She came, bucking hard against her hands. She continued rubbing and bucking as I stroked faster. Her orgasm subsided, and she lay back, running her hands over her tits and crotch. I came, the sort of orgasm where it seems like you come forever before you even see semen. I spilled a nice puddle on her leg.

"So, does that qualify as our orgasms for the day?" she asked.

"I guess they do now. But, what if I'm horny later?"

"You just tell me, honey."

I grinned.

"And now, I leave you with the mess," I said, as I got up and wandered off to get a popsicle.

(I did bring her a wet-wipe though.)

The Game: Day 1

The game began in earnest yesterday in the hallway. Estrella pushed me up against the wall, slid off my swimming trunks, and got down on her knees.

It was fantastic head. She's worked out just where to keep her hand to act as a stop as she bobs down on my cock. She alternated quick bobbing on the head, with longer deep-throating. Excellent. Unfortunately, it's really difficult for me to come in a standing position. When I told her this, she complained that she'd have to do twice the work that night.

We talked for a little while to dispel any pressure we might be feeling. I made sure to stress that it wasn't necessary that she, or I, have an orgasm. Rather that I was more interested in novel forms of play.

Later, I called Estrella over for her turn. I started out with my fingers, rubbing her g-spot. After warming her up, I pulled out my Aneros Progasm. I figured that if it worked on my prostate, it might well work on her g-spot. Turns out that it kinda worked. It seemed to feel pretty good, but as it felt better, she would contract more. That's where the problem cropped up: the Progasm, being hard plastic, didn't give at all when she contracted. She said that was uncomfortable.

After I'd fingered her through at least one big, juicy orgasm, we decided that it was my turn again.

Estrella picked up her blowjob right where she left off. Again, heavenly. And, again, her jaw got tired before I blew my load. So, I had her sit on my face while I jerked off. I stuck my tongue as far into her as I could while I rubbed my cock. Finally, after she'd come again, bucking against my face, drenching my chin with her juice, I sprayed my load down her throat.

I can't wait to see what she's got in store for me tonight.